How to Find a Hair Salon That Fits You

How to find a hair salon that fits you
Photo by Guilherme Petri on Unsplash

If you want to find an excellent hair salon for women, you just need to do a little research to spot one. The fast and easiest one is to ask some friends that you admire, those who do slaying hairstyles. Just ask them to know where they got their hair cut or hairstyles. A personal recommendation is always better. This is how to find a saloon fast while you are sure you will get the same services as your friend or even slay better.

After this, you can also check the salons that are nearby you, call them, book for an appointment where you can be able to chat about what ideas you have for your hair and what the stylist would say about them. If you do not like the services do not be afraid to switch, you have to be happy and comfortable in the saloon that you will pick.

Hair salons for color

Make sure they do a hair color that matches your skin and the one that is not too dark. Having hair that matches your skin tone is a big trick that you have to know. If your skin looks sallow, they have to give you warm tones of hair. The cool tones work well on a fair complexion which has pink undertones. You need a hair color for your hair that will make you look extra beautiful.

The hair color has to be as you want it to be more desirable or fashionable; get hair coloring service with a high technology such as the off-the scalp, on the scalp, to make sure we do hair dyeing but steel in a protective way. A good hair stylist will give you advice on which color to be applied for the perfect look.


A great hair salon will do different haircut styles that give a room for a different look. These may include hair services and others such as [1]

• Classic Bob style
• Side swept bangs
• French bob
• Blunt lob
• Perfect Pixie
• Layered crop
• Shag.
• Center- part and layers.
• Side swept crop
• Angled Bob.

Straight hairstyle

It is a hairstyle that suits and looks good to every person, it gives a simple and classic look and makes you comfortable. Most of our women like straight hairstyle; a hair salon stylist should do your hair considering your hair structure, facial shape and make it done to you. It gives you a gorgeous look and simple to be done; It never goes out quickly, creates attention to others as it is attractive, it provides a good impression. Go to a salon that offers different hair highlights such as gray hair Brown hair, black in color, and so many other highlights colors.

Others are:

• The highlight, blow-dry, and haircut.
• Highlight, Thermal press and touch up.
• The highlight, haircut, and touch –up.


Lastly, after you get the hair salon that gives you the services you desire then try to be a loyal customer. Next time you go back to the salon, you will be getting special treatments. You may go to a top hair salon but don’t expect to get top hair services if you don’t go to the salon regularly. If you a happy with your hairstylist there is no need to switch. If you become a loyal customer, you are likely to get excellent treatment than the new customers, and it is much more relaxing to have a have a hair stylist that you know. [2]


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